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The Easiest Way to Personalize Windows 8 Start Screen

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Personalization at any stage of life is good but tricky. Anyhow, Personalizing Windows 8 is something different. It will let you to use Windows, much easier than any other version. Once you get it, you can do things in a quick manner. Microsoft has made remarkable changes to in Windows 8, which definitely be embraced in order to speed up Windows 8. So, do not be oppressed with new interface but solution is in personalization.

Start Screen

Microsoft has eroded old-fashioned Start Menu and place an entirely new menu to launch programs. New menu is good or bad, debate is going on but you can learn to grip it, you can work much faster. It has large number of tiles on first screen, out of which many tiles are live that provides information about unread email, appointments, weather etc. It is not static display but dynamic screen that provides you information important to you.


There are plentiful ways, you can customize Start Screen. Some requires going into settings, other can be manage on screen.

How to Change Start Screen Theme

Start screen use a Metro theme, which includes background pattern appears only in Start screen and a color scheme. There are 25 color schemes and ten-background color available. You can change it in both ways.

How to Change Tiles Sizes

Start screen items automatically adjust depending on various factors like screen size, pixel density and screen resolution. If you do not feel comfortable having lot of tiles on front screen, there is an option in PC settings, navigate to Ease of Access, you will find an options to make things bigger. Enable this option and you will see some changes in tile sizes. This option will be disabled if your PC does not not meet requirements.

Add and Remove Files

Yes, you have the option to add or remove files as you have in traditional Start Menu but its bit different. In this way, you can remove undesirable tiles from front. To do this,

  1. Select Tile
  2. Right Click with a mouse
  3. Swipe downward with multi-touch or you can use arrows keys to select and then Space
  4. App bar will appear
  5. Choose unpin from Start

You can also remove more than one tile at a time. Choose all tiles you want to remove, they will be shown in side bar, then choose unpin on app bar.

Do you know? – removing a tile does not uninstall app.

There is lot more ways that allows you to customize start menu. If you are looking for ways to optimize Windows 8, read this great blog post to make it run faster.

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