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We show you how to Optimize Windows 8 (8.1) & Windows 10 for Best performance on your aging desktop or laptop PC.

How to Make Windows 8 Go Faster

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Windows 8 has propelled in the market, which is why everyone is eager to use it. However, this is not abundant, only installation will not give you extreme utility. Some systems are not that much advanced that they can load all applications to run fast. You may need to make some changes and customize Windows 8 to enjoy working on it. Besides, you can download free registry cleaner for Windows 8 to speed it up.


Windows 8 is popular for its speedy applications. Moreover, it has also setting options like previous operating systems. Here are some tips to help you that how to speedup Windows 8 for better performance.

Pinpoint Application:

There are always some programs that tend to slowdown system. Windows 8 task manager is competent enough that you can pin point such applications that are slowing down your computer.

  1. Right click Taskbar and select to open Task Manager
  2. Click More Details Option if full interference is not visible
  3. Here you will see list and highlighted programs using more resources
  4. Make changes and pinpoint unnecessary programs.

Manage Startup Programs:

Windows 8 task manager also gives you access to disable such application, which are launched in startup. At times, these programs slowdown system.

  1. Launch Task Manager
  2. Select Startup tab
  3. Select programs you want to disable in the startup

Disable Animations:

Windows8 is best in animations and effects. At times, these animations affect system performance while you are working. Disable these animations and improve Windows speed by:

  1. Press Windows Key
  2. Type System Performance Properties in search bar
  3. Uncheck Animate Windows When Minimizing and Maximizing option
  4. Here you can also disable some other animate options from list, according to your choice.

Adjust Power Settings:

Like previous Operating systems, In Windows 8 you can adjust power settings:

If you want to enjoy the performance, you need to select the balanced power option.

  1. Press Windows key.
  2. Type Power Plan, select choose a Power Plan and press Enter.
  3. To choose a Power Plan directly, click on the Power Button visible on task bar of Windows and click on More Power Options.
  4. Here you will find three power plan options. The recommend is balanced (power option). However, you can choose High Performance for favor performance but it will consume more battery.

Optimize Hard Drive:

Disk defrag tool in Windows 8 is named as Optimize Drive.

  1. Press Windows key
  2. Type Defragment in search bar
  3. Select defragment and optimize your hard drives
  4. You will find optimize drives dialogue
  5. Under Media Type, select the type of drive you want to optimize.
  6. Click Optimize

Windows 8 frequently optimize drives according to settings applied. Optimizing a drive take time according to system configurations.

With the help of these optimizing options, you can enjoy Windows 8 performance with good speed.
Need to Know More Tips to Optimize and Customize Your Windows 8? Watch This Video

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