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How to Add Windows 8 Best Desktop Features to Windows 7

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Add-Windows 8-features-in-Windows 7If you are using Windows 7, you can add Windows 8’s best desktop features to it. Some users still want to stick to Windows 7 but also willing to experience new features of Windows 8. Many users are following some tips to enjoy the new features on current Windows 7 without upgrading to Win 8:

Improved File Copying:

The Copying Box of Windows is in discussion these days because of its large file data copy. It brings all copying and moving processes in a single Window, with Pause and Skip option. Other operating systems are not supportive as create problem sometimes. In Windows 7, copying large file stops sometimes at any stage.

  1. You can enjoy Windows 8’s copying feature, using Windows 7 by installing “Tera Copy.”
  2. This will help you in speedy copying using current Windows with Pause & transfer option.
  3. In Windows 7, when problem occurs the transfer program stops and do not proceed, while in the “Tera Copy,” the program jumps over problematic portion and examine the end of large date transfer.

New Windows Better Explorer:

  1. The new feature of Windows explore in Windows 8 is better than Windows 7 and Vista.
  2. The “Better Explorer” provides a better option to less used applications as switching the display of hidden files. One can easily switch to the other applications
  3. On a single click, a user can get access to Directory
  4. The main difference is the Ribbon Interface between existing and Better Explorer
  5. The Better Explorer is perspective sensitive and changes according to your action.
  6. Ribbon also changes accordingly.
  7. Moreover, it also allows you to mount ISO Disc Image file by double clicking, which also help you to get rid from a third party ISO Mounting Software.

Powerful Task Manager:

Windows 8 has a Powerful Task Manager. It is included with attractive features and improvements.

 Such as:

  1. By a single click option, “Restart explorer.exe”
  2. “Performance-monitoring tab” is improved tremendously,
  3. “Startup programs” manage tool

It is difficult to find same Windows 8 task manager but you can experience the “Microsoft’s own Process Explorer” with full features.

Duplicate New Metro Interface:

  1. Windows 8’s User Interface is the biggest change.
  2. With the installation of Mosaic program, you can duplicate the general look of Metro Interface.
  3. In Windows 7, you can enjoy the same feature by downloading the latest build from “Mosaic Project website.”
  4. After installation, it will launch in Full Screen Mode. You can also disable Full Screen Mode.
  5. Moreover, you can personalize Mosaic by adding many tiles.

With these changes, you can enjoy the desktop features of Windows 8 on Windows 7, but will have to optimize it too. For that, we recommend you to use free registry cleaner for Windows 7 and 8 which will keep registry error free while you will be enjoying exciting features.


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