Optimize Windows 10 & Windows 8 (8.1)

We show you how to Optimize Windows 8 (8.1) & Windows 10 for Best performance on your aging desktop or laptop PC.

Tips and Tricks of Windows 8

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Since Windows 8 unveiled, it attracts millions of customers and counting. Notable is the fact that it has quite unique features that enable users to get more from it than frigid predecessor operating systems. Interestingly, it imitates user’s unmet desires to explore world of wonders on tip of finger. It has unfamiliar desktop that most of user’s find uneasy but in reality, it provides you an easiest and faster way to operate PC. Even then, there is a tile button, which can take you back to a familiar desktop. Learning, few tips, and tricks can make your life much easier and can help you to optimize windows 8. Follow these:


Corner and Hedges

Windows 8 enable you to employ two interfaces. If you are working on touch screen, swiping from edges is natural, which will get back you to start screen, change setting, and many other options. While working with mouse corners are keys to interface. Left corner let you to switch between apps, start menu and desktop.

Do not Get Obsessed with Startup Screen

Many users get irritated instead of excitement, when they saw new screen on boot up Windows 8. It lands veteran windows users in land of nowhere. Alike, Windows 7 users can start typing in start menu to search any programs. Suppose, you are unable to find programs, you can switch slide bar to other categories, like, pictures, doc, and files. Even then, you can search apps within any app listed. While typing, you will find both style apps, traditional and Windows apps. Moreover, it gets tiles when you install them. Tiles are not only limited to apps but it can represent any contact info; they can also be linked from start menu.

You can use semantic zoom to organize your Start screen; pinch on screen if you are on touch pad thing or hit minus keys to shrink tiles, swipe down to name and move group of tiles.

Moving tiles is easy. Right click on mouse or hold them (touch mode) and drag to desired location. In this way, you can make tiles smaller and larger.

Keep Visiting Windows Store

Daily, a bunch of new program arrives at Windows store. Certainly, most of you prefer to use traditional desktop, but you should take advantage of lightweight mobile apps that are quick and automatic to update. Just like app store, Windows store let you to install free and paid programs.

Windows messenger let you to chat with friends but keep it in mind that it will be no more available from April and replace it with Skype.


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