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How to Clean Registry Virus?

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If you have viruses in your computer or in registry, you may experience system slow down and losing control. Anhow-to-clean-registry-virus infection or clutter in registry causes slow boot time. It adversely affects the performance of computer, which renders creeping programs. Detecting virus as early as possible can reduce chances of getting implode in viruses. It usually replicates itself and indulges your computer into undesired activities. Moreover, at times damages are irreversible. You can try various ways to free registry from viruses.


Step 1

  1. Install reliable antivirus program or open pre-installed program. Use an appropriate option in your antivirus program to scan your computer.
  2. Most of the antivirus programs like McAfee and Norton have areas, searches computer registry for bad files.
  3. Go to main screen and click ‘Scan the registry” or “Scan your PC”
  4. If you would not found scan for registry option use “Virus and Spyware Protection” or “Optimization Options”
  5. Click scan to search content in registry
  6. Once completed, there are two options “Delete” or “Quarantine.” If you are sure, choose option to “Delete.” If unsure what function these file perform choose “Quarantine

Step 2

  1. Download any free registry cleaner and install in your computer. It works alike anti-virus program. In addition to anti-virus program, it can repair, fix, and defrag registry, which makes your pc run faster.
  2. Open registry cleaner from Start Menu and choose Scan button. Programs start scanning registry for bad files and list down in a list.
  3. Review the report of bad files, perform an action option by choosing “Delete” or “Quarantine.”

Manually Treat Registry Fixes

Finally, you can manually edit registry. It is not recommended if you not much into computer thingy.

  1. Go to Start Menu and type regedit and Enter.
  2. Click on first folder in left pan named “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT,” to view sub folders. Click on each folder at one time to check keys.
  3. Right click to any registry key that you think does not belong to registry, choose delete.
  4. Continue checking all keys and remove one by one that does not belong to registry folder.
  5. Once completed, restart computer and registry keys permanently deleted from your system.


Search box in Start Menu appears only in Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you are using operating system other than that then, go to Start Menu, click Run, type regedit and press Enter.


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