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Get Smart and Learn to Multitask in Windows 8

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It is keen desire of everyone to multitask especially when someone want to keep a good mixture of entertainment and work in life. At times when I use to play games on my PC, in different time chunks, it keeps pinching my head checking emails of my boss and messages of loved one. Obvious way to get out of this is acquiring multitask skills, which ultimately optimize Windows 8.


Windows 8 users are fenced in dichotomy of desktop. Getting smart by learning multitasking also result in Optimize Window 8 and have more out of it.

Traditional multitasking: Many of us already aware of traditional multitask. Wonder is the fact that most of us do not know about multitasking. Suppose you are running a gaming app, you can change settings to display it in window mode. After that launch email and both app can viewed at same time. Moreover, you can minimize window client and can just see notifications. Now you can use ALT+TAB to switch easily between two different windows. This shortcut key allows you to switch between any desktop applications.

Modern multitasking: It is bit tricky when it comes to modern multitasking. You can definitely switch between many apps but only two can be display at one time, contrary to desktop, which can display as many. Take another example of an email and game application. First, open email application, drag your finger from top to bottom of the screen and side slightly. It will reduce size of Window and a separator will appear. Release your finger and app will be shift to a narrow segment, 25% of total in width. Rest 75% area can use by another app. Now go to start button open another Window that will be display in remaining area. You can control your both apps by finger.

You would have noticed that multitasking is not much complicated in Windows 8 but it creates little confusion as well. Moreover, desktop can be viewed as 25% or 75% of the display. With little practice, one can be used to it and quickly understand Windows 8 multitasking. Basic philosophy behind Windows 8 is to make it easier to use for users. Once you practice it and get mastery, it is not that difficult.

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