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Protecting Your PC from Trojan Virus, Worm, and Malware

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Trojan is malicious software, which appear to act as an automated application that access your system unauthorized. In this regard, it injects itself into other files to augment its population in your system. Trojan horse is malicious program that infects your computer in various ways. Moreover, it place undesired, non-removable icons on your desktop and drive your computer. Once it harms your computer, you may later on need to recover your system by using a registry cleaner to repair registry and installing an anti-virus. It is necessary to remove this virus from your computer immediately. We can say it is an infection that can be categorized in general category of Malware.


Malware is a program intended to harm your computer. Thus, it includes various type of computer virus, Trojan horse, worms, spyware, Adware etc.

We will focus on precautions of such undesired malware. Instead of going in depth details of any malware, we will focus on overview and guide to get rid of that particular malware.

I have list down multiple face of malware.

Adware A program that generates pop-ups on your screen prompts advertisement to display in front of you. Not necessarily, every program is malware because there are many free programs that display ads in in their applications to generate revenue. If they are working under premises, it is not malware.

Backdoor Such programs that allow remote users run any program without consent of actual user. This kind of software usually employed to infect other program and infringe copyrights.

Trojan Programs that pretend to be not harm your computer but steep into as a silent killer and indulge in malicious activities so vigilantly.

Virus A program that is capable of infected other files and increase in number. It harms your computer in multiple ways like damaging your hard drive, infecting files and replicates itself. This type of virus cannot be transfer to another computer without consent. It has become a general term known for such activities in your computer.

Worm A program that has ability to spread itself to another computer by using internet connection. It can be through mass mailing technique or other means on internet.

Spyware A program that silently monitor your activities then, send it to another computer using your internet connection without your knowledge.

Protect yourself

First thing first, protect yourself from anything that may cause serious damage to you. Potential reasons are through internet. Following tips may be helpful for you to protect yourself against above-mentioned Trojan, virus, malware.

  1. Install operating system updates
  2. Keep all your applications up to date
  3. Avoid using same password on multiple websites
  4. Install an appropriate Anti-virus and update regularly
  5. Turn on firewalls
  6. Back up your data
  7. Don’t open unidentified attachments
  8. Ignore web pop ups that prompt you to click

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