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Dealing With Most Common Windows 8 Errors

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You may not optimize windows 8 if you consistently experience errors in your operating system. However, it is a new operating system so chances are there to get surprised with errors. Do not get obsessed, here are bunch of common errors and their solution:


Error code 0xc00000e9

While upgrading from Win 7 to Win 8, you may encounter Error code 0xc00000e9

Try following steps to get this error fixed

  1. You may encounter, if you have removed a removable storage device while it is working.
  2. Click on start button and type “cmd”. Type C: it will be shown like this C:\>, if not type cd.. to get out of the directory until you reached C:\>. Now type chkdsk/r
  3. go to manufacturer’s website and update BIOS
  4. Revert back to settings prior the error

Error code 0x00005D

If you are trying to install windows 8 and put bootable disc in it but get this error code 0x00005D and it prompts you to restart your pc. Even then problem persists. Following are the reasons:

  1. Windows 8 OS DVD
  2. System does not support windows 8
  3. System is not configured up to windows 8 minimum hardware requirements
  4. Windows 8 setup has some corrupt files
  5. Any hardware failure or internal error

You can install windows 8 after resolving these issues.

Error Code 0xc0000001

There is no need to freak out to see this error. You can fix it in a quick and easy way.

If you are experiencing Code: 0xc0000001 warning message, then follow the steps as given below to get rid of it.

  1. Shutdown your system
  2. Start your pc, as logo screen appeared press SHIFT and f8 key immediately and it will take you to Recovery and then select See advanced repair option
  3. Locate Choose an Options click Troubleshoot
  4. Click Advanced Options and click Windows Startup Settings
  5. Now click Restart. It will repair without any changes in in your files and folders.

If problem, persist then following tips would be helpful

  1. Replace or insert disc / USB in appropriate place
  2. Forcefully restart your computer by pressing (ALT+CTRL+DEL)
  3. Let your system automatically repair and you just hold on.

Error Code 0x800F0906

While installing Microsoft dot net framework 3.5 on windows 8, you may encounter Error Code 0x800F0906. Usually we came across this issue because of network proxy, firewalls. To resolve issue you can try following steps.

  1. Go to desktop and open My Computer
  2. Insert installation media and right click on windows 8 client ISO
  3. Click Start on taskbar and type cmd
  4. Type Dism/online/enable-feature/featurename:NetFx3/All/Source:<drive>:\sources\sxs/LimitedAccess and press Enter
  5. Eject windows 8 media and install windows live component
  6. Go to Start button click All programs and click Windows Update
  7. Restart you pc and install Microsoft dot net framework 3.5.

Looking for software to optimize your Windows 8? Click here to optimize registry of your system.


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