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Top 11 Features of Microsoft Windows 8

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It will be very interesting for the PC users to know about the coolest features of Windows 8.Although many of PC usersTop-windows-8-features hate using Microsoft Windows 8, but its usefulness and capabilities cannot be denied. Most of tech gurus have not yet been able to find a major technical flaw in the Windows 8 design. The only thing against the Windows 8 is that, if you do not have a mobile or tablet device, you cannot get it. However, Windows 8 is a reasonable operating system for desktops and laptops as it is much advanced as compared to Windows 7. Meanwhile, it is not much different from the Windows 7 OS. Therefore, there is no chance that a large number of companies are going to adopt it any time soon.

A number of exceptional technology companies are appreciating Windows 8 new features like Windows lock, stock etc. They say Windows 8 has top 11 features over the older versions of Microsoft Windows operating system, which are:

  1. Speedy boot time & Performance improvement
  2. User-friendly Print and search operations
  3. Metro UI and touch Mode
  4. New task manager
  5. Solution for Cyber security
  6. Internet Explorer  10
  7. Hyper-V client
  8. Sky drive
  9. Unified Extensible firmware interface
  10. Windows to go
  11. Multiple data storage devices

Windows 8 is the latest release of the Windows operating system from the Microsoft, as we all know. It is designed to be used on personal computers including home and business desktops, laptops and tablets. Its editions are:

  1. Windows 8 Pro
  2. Windows 8
  3. Windows 8 Enterprise
  4. Windows RT (Tablet and mobile focused OS)

Now let us discus the Pros and Cons of Windows 8:

Pros of Windows 8:

  1. Works on even 1.4GHz processor
  2. Tons of programs and apps to choose from
  3. A number of software applications such as registry optimizer for Windows 8 are out in the market to speed it up.
  4. Runs on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones
  5. Supports 3G/4G

Cons of Windows 8:

  1. Mobile centric design
  2. Privacy issues (location access may be granted to Windows 8 apps)
  3. Involves a steep learning curve
  4. No system tray

Currently, there are not too many Windows 8 users, but it will take over soon.

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