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How to Fix a Stuck Computer?

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The most frustrating thing for a computer user is when the system gets stuck. When computer gets stuck the mouseoptimize-stuck-computer cursor and desktop buttons on the computer are also stuck and a computer user is unable to do anything on the computer. All of tasks you are doing on the computer also get stuck and if you have not save your work then all the data will be lost. The only thing which a computer user can do upon computer stuck off is to restart the system. Computer Experts say there are couple of reasons behind the computer stuck off problem like software crash, operating system kernel crash or hard drive problem etc. The solution to this problem is to do regular maintenance and optimize Windows registry to get rid of this problem. Below are some useful tips to deal with this horrible problem:

  1. When your computer gets stuck. Press “Ctrl”+ “Alt”+ “Delete” at the same time. Then, press these keys again to restart your computer. But if the system gives no response then the only way to restart your system is to press “Power” button.
  2. Again press the “Power” button to restart your system.
  3. When the computer is in booting mode. Press “F-8” to restart your computer in the safe mode. The safe mode will load only the most necessary files of the operating system. When the computer starts in safe mode go to control panel>Action Center>Troubleshooting. Now click on “Check on performance issues.” This will find and fix the most common computer performance issues. After fixes performance issues restart your computer.
  4. Now restart your computer in Normal desktop mode. Now check for stuck off problem.
  5. Computer experts say that the most common reason of computer stuck off is “Unresponsive Programs”. Unresponsive programs are all those programs that give the message “this program is not responding” at the moment. Remove all the programs from your computer that are showing the unresponsive program behavior. Go to control panel>Programs and features select the program and click on uninstall/change button.
  6. Regular maintenance and regular optimization of Windows is very necessary for removing stuck off problem from your computer.


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