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Two Outstanding 2013 Laptops for Windows 8 Users

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While trend of Desktops is decreasing, use of Laptops have become popular than ever before. People, nowadays, are more inclined towards buying laptops instead desktops. Comfort and convenience that they offer to users is the major reason why use of laptops is increasing at a staggering rate.  Due to this increasing interest of people in laptops, various manufacturing companies are trying to come up with innovative designs and fastest technologies to ensure more buyers will grab their laptops.

Like 2012, the laptop manufacturing companies have had a remarkable New Year start. Several laptops were introduced that quickly gained attention of users. From touchscreen hybrids to Ultrabooks to standard laptops, there is a great amount of choice than ever. Whether you are looking for an economical model, slim and smart Laptop, or something unique, you will find it available in market. However, out of this vast array of choice, we have selected following two 2013 laptops for Windows 8 users:

1.       Dell XPS 12

Laptops_for_windows 8Dell engineers have managed to come up with the hybrid that no other could do. They, after a long struggle, have been able to integrate the carbon-fibre XPS range with an artistic rotary axis of the Inspiron Duo. Following are its top features:


  • Dimensions = 317*214*20mm
  • Weight = 1.510kg

Memory and Processor

  • Process Intel Core i7-3517U
  • Motherboard chipest Intel QS77 Express
  • RAM 8GB DDR3

Operating System

  • Windows 8 64-bit


2.    Asus VivoBook S200EAsus_Windows 8_laptops

In our list of 2013 laptops, Asus’s VivoBook S200E stands on number second. It is one among the top selling laptops currently. A number of features make it a complete laptop from both style and technology perspectives. Therefore, until now, it has made record sales. Following is an overview of its top specs:


  • Dimensions = 303*200*22mm
  • Weight = 1.410kg

Memory and Processor

  • Processor Intel Core i3-3217U
  • Motherboard Chipest Intel HM76 Express
  • RAM 4.00GB DDR3

Operating System

  • Windows 8 64-Bit

So, if you are a Windows 8 user out in the market for a laptop, you should consider buying these. Even though price is a little bit high as compared to other standard laptops, but laptop aficionados will definitely like to have any of these two top class laptops.

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