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Three Amazing Computer Tips and Tricks


increase computer speed_registry_cleanerComputer is a complete phenomenal world. While you use it for your personal and professional purposes on daily basis, you will be amazed to know there are many things you do not know. Check out the following computer tips and tricks you might have never done before:

Which word you can’t use for renaming folder?

You can use almost every word to name/rename your files and folders in your PC, but try to do following:

  • Create a Folder anywhere in your PC
  • Rename this folder with “CON” and see what happens.
  • Similarly, try to rename files such as images or documents with CON. It would not Change.

Check Strength of Your Installed Anti-Virus Software

Users always wonder whether their antivirus program is perfect or not. If you want to check out whether your antivirus is guarding your PC well or not, do the following steps:

  • Open your notepad and copy paste the following code (without commas) in it.
  • Save file and name it with eicar.com.

If your antivirus is properly shielding your system, it will definitely warn you about this virus testing code. This is not harmful for your PC as it is a common known way of testing strength of any antivirus system.

Speed Up your PC

Looking to Speed up and optimize your PC performance? If yes, you need to clean your computer’s registry. Wondering how to do it?  While there is lengthy process of cleaning computer registry manually, you can download free registry cleaner. A free registry cleaner finds errors in your registry and corrects them by performing several actions. If you are looking for a safer free registry cleaner, you can download it from here.

2 thoughts on “Three Amazing Computer Tips and Tricks

  1. awesome tips! Specially the Speed up helped me a lot.

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