Optimize Windows 10 & Windows 8 (8.1)

We show you how to Optimize Windows 8 (8.1) & Windows 10 for Best performance on your aging desktop or laptop PC.

2 Ways to Speed up your Windows 8

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Microsoft Windows 8 is relatively new operating system and most of internet users are still trying to get used to this new operating system with its unorthodox design and layout changes. If you want to know how to speed up Windows 8, windows 8 tipsthere are a few useful tips and registry software that can help. Windows 8 has been built with many new features that were not previously seen in any of the Windows versions until now.

Turn on Fast Startup:

Microsoft has introduced a new feature in Windows 8 which is known as Fast Startup. This feature has enabled Windows 8 to boot up really fast when starting from a shutdown. When this feature is enabled Windows 8 does not loads everything from default but loads only those services and OS components that are compulsory for Windows startup. If you have not enabled this feature on your Windows 8 PC then you are slowing your PC indeed. For enabling this feature “Go to control panel”, then go to “Power Options” and click on “Choose what the power button does.” Then Scroll down, now you will see “Turn on Fast Startup (recommended)”. Now enable it by check boxing “Turn on Fast Startup (recommended)”.

Optimize Your Drives:

Windows 8 has also introduced a new and improved feature “Optimize Your Drives” which is previous known as “Disk De-fragmentation” in previous Windows Operating system like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Keeping your hard disk and solid state drive (SSD) optimized is good option for speeding up your Windows 8. For turning on this feature select your drive you want to get optimized. Then select its “Settings” and click on “Defragment and optimize your drives”.

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