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4 Ways to Keep Your Computer Protected Wi-Fi Hotspots

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wifi-protectionMany of us like to use Wi-Fi hotspots, they are the easiest way of enjoying some quality internet time whether you are at a café, library or an airport. However, these hotspots can be very dangerous for your PC’s sometimes as well. Some of these might be operated by scammers who want to steal your valuable information. Even if the network is not being operated by a scammer, someone might be monitoring the wireless network to view your confidential information like bank accounts, email and social media data etc. therefore, it is very important that you take some safety measures before connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Some of these measures are:

Lock up your sensitive files

Any good encryption software will protect your most important and sensitive files from scammers. A hacker would not be able to open your pictures, videos or other important files even if he gains access to your computer or smartphone. To encrypt your files, you must try to find a good encryption program online. You would be amazed to see the number of such software there, all you have to do is to find the right one and it will create a hacker-proof wall around your sensitive data. This means a hacker would never be able to access or open the files without using the right password.

Avoid wireless networks with unusual names

Avoid using hotspots with names like “Free Wi-Fi for all” or “Unlimited Internet access”. These types of networks are usually created by hackers to lure as many internet users as they can. People tend to connect these networks very easily and there information is stolen as easily as well. Keep in mind, a clever hacker or scammer will not use name like “Hacker free internet”.

So, you avoid using networks with strange names and try to think before you connect to any networks as many things these networks offer like unlimited free internet access are too good to be true. Always connect to a Wi-Fi of a nearby business like McLaren’s Café or Tom’s Coffee House instead of a public Wi-Fi.

Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use

Your laptop or smartphone will continuously scan for a Wi-Fi network, by default. This process will only drain the device’s battery but also exposes it to potential scammers or hackers. Your wireless device might accidently connect to a Wi-Fi network and all your information will be stolen.

If you are not using internet, then turn off the Wi-Fi. This will ensure the safety of your precious data.


Majority of social media and banking sites along with quality websites offer “https” functionality.  For instance you can always log on to Facebook through “https://www.facebook.com” instead of “http://www.facebook.com” for improved security. These servers contain an extra security level that encrypts the incoming and outgoing traffic.

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