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Microsoft Windows 8 setup—Error code 0x0000005D

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error_code_0x0000005DA number of computer users nowadays are complaining that, when they try to install Microsoft Windows 8 on their computers they get an error message. The stop error message code is 0x0000005D and it says that “Your PC needs to restart. Please hold down the power button”. The Blue screen of death stops Error parameters are 0x030F0401, 0x756E6547, 0x49656E69, 0x6C65746E. Now, let us see what the cause of this stop error is and what one can do to fix computer performance issues.

The first thing to understand is that unlike Windows XP, Vista and 7; Windows 8 is not compatible with all versions of Intel Pentium 4 CPU’S. Windows 8 requires a CPU that can support the following functions.

  • SSE2
  • PAE
  • NX bit

Normally all the Intel Pentium 4 CPU‘s have the SSE2 and PAE functions supported. But all the Intel Pentium 4 CPU’s do not support the NX bit function. So make sure that your Intel Pentium 4 CPU supports the NX bit function. If your processor supports the NX bit function then check if it is enabled in BIOS or not. If it is not enabled in BIOS then enable it. By enabling NX bit function you can remove these computer performance issues from your computers. If the Windows 8 64-bit is not installing on your computer then try to install Windows 8 32-bit on your computer.

Usually computer performance issues are caused by not maintaining your computer system regularly. For regular maintenance of your computer system always use a safe registry cleaner tool. Safe registry cleaners have a number of amazing PC maintenance tools like registry cleaner, registry optimizer and registry defrag.


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