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How to Fix Common PC Problems Yourself

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How to Fix Your PC Problems

There are a number of PC problems that can delay your work and slow down your productivity, some of these computer problems are related to software and hardware. These problems can affect the system by slowing it down and might results in computer completely failing to boot. Now, in such a situation what are you supposed to do?

You might call a computer technician who is qualified to fix all computer performance issues. But if you try and think about how to fix your PC problems then you may find an easy alternative. Some computer problems do not need a lot of technical know-how to get fix, even a novice computer user can fix them.

Some of common PC problems are:

  • Slow Speed
  • Blue Screen of Death(BSOD)
  • Repeated crashing of  Window
  • PC freezing

Now let us see how to fix your common computer problems

  • Get rid of all temporary files from your PC. Temporary files are using your hard drive’s rare resources and thus slowing your computer. Type “%temp% in windows start menu and delete all temporary files.
  • Delete all applications, programs and metro apps that you rarely use.
  • If your system‘s update feature is turned off, turn it on so that you can get the latest security updates for securing your computer against the possible threats from internet.
  • Install good anti-virus software and update it on regular basis. So, that you can be protected from new virus threats that can affect your computer performance.
  • Regularly scan and clean your computer registry by registry cleaner software. Note that the Windows registry is the main database of Windows operating system that stores all the data and settings of all installed programs and metro apps.

I hope that the above given tips will help you in understanding how to fix your PC problems.

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