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How to Find Registry Errors in Windows 8?

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Find registry errors in Windows 8

Find registry errors in Windows 8

Some people may be unfamiliar with Windows registry, and they do not know what registry errors are, and how these errors can affect the performance of your PC. Do not worry! I will tell you in detail what is registry? How to find registry errors? How to fix these registry errors? For the sake of improving the performance of your computer.

The Windows registry is a database of files containing information of almost everything that occur on the PC, from a visit to a web portal to the installation or deletion of any program.

The registry also contains information about device drivers and other necessary programs, like DLLs. This information is stored in the form of “keys”. These keys help programs run smoothly. It’s like a big blueprint for Windows operating system to run smoothly. A registry may have hundreds of thousands of keys and new keys are added to it all the time. As it fills with more and more keys it can suffer the performance of your computer. The biggest problem with Windows operating system is that it never removes registry keys even if a program is removed from the computer. The registry keys of uninstalled programs which are present in registry are now pointing towards the programs which are not present in the computer causing registry errors. These errors can results in the slow computer performance, BSOD (blue screen of death) and PC crashes.

So do not tolerate registry errors. To find registry errors you need a registry cleaner tool. There are a number of registry optimizer tools available online. so, download a safe registry cleaner. Now find and fix registry errors causing slow computer performance.

I hope that this article will help you to get a free safe registry cleaner for Windows 8.

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