Optimize Windows 10 & Windows 8 (8.1)

We show you how to Optimize Windows 8 (8.1) & Windows 10 for Best performance on your aging desktop or laptop PC.

Tips on How to Speed Up PC

Overtime, the Speed of computer decreases when you are using Microsoft Windows. When you load the applications, open files, play games or surf the internet, PC does not respond as well as when it was new. However there are some tips to speed up your slow PC. Below are these useful tips to speed up PC.

Start up Programs

The start up Programs are those programs that load and take space in your PC RAM on windows Start up .If the number of start up programs are greater, then your PC takes more time on start up. So to speed up PC you have to stop unwanted start up programs. For disabling the start up programs:

  • Click On Start Menu.
  • Type msconfig
  • Now System Configuration Dialog Box Will appears.
  • Click On Start
  • Uncheck all those Programs You do not needed on Start up.
  • Click On Apply
  • A dialog Box will appear asking for Restart Choices.
  • Click On Restart Later.
  • Speed Up PC
    Speed Up Pc

Turn off Unnecessary Desktop Features to Speed up PC

The fancy looking dialog boxes, menus, check boxes and 3-D Effects, all take rare computer resources and end up slowing the PC.

To Turn Off this stuff follow below steps:

  •  Click the Start button, right click the Computer option, and then go to Properties.
  • Now you see System, click on the advanced system settings.
  • Click on the Advanced tab and click on Settings under “Performance”.
  • Here, you can either choose between Adjust for best performance, Adjust for best appearance or choose Custom settings.

    Optimize Windows 8

    Optimize Windows 8


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